Recommendations on How to Keep Your Pavements and Parking Lot Looking Good

Fundamentally,asphalt pavements are made by using a material called a binder to hold together tightly stones and gravel into a lasting durable state. The binder or Asphalt cement is made by a distillation process involving crude oils It is when elements such as chemicals,U.V rays and rain come into contact with asphalt cement that the process leading to eventual degradation of your asphalt pavement starts. If the resultant degradation is allowed to continue,the asphalt pavement will have a surface appearance that looks less than desirable. A program involving sealcoating or crack sealing should be embarked on in order to lengthen the life of your driveway or parking lot.

Sealcoating effectively seals off the elements making sure there is no contact between them and the binder. Many property owners today prefer to do crack sealing and sealcoating early on when the asphalt is not already badly affected to spending thousands of dollars in future when whole pavement will have to be replaced due to lack of prompt maintenance. Read more great facts on  Arlington Line Striping, click here. 

Crack sealing looks simple but involves a lot more than what one may imagine. Make sure that you purchase the appropriate crack filling materials for the crack sealing program. The way the affected asphalted surface is prepared for the process of crack sealing determines a lot the quality of the results of the process. Take a  look at this link for more information.

A broom or a dirt blowing machine can be used to completely remove all debris and dirt from the area of focus so as to ensure no foreign matter interferes with how well the filler material works.

Compressors should properly be checked to so that they don't blow moisture or oil droplets into the area under work. The fill should be used immediately after cleaning and drying the cracked places.

The following few things should be borne in mind when doing sealcoating. If it is likely to rain within the next 1 day,delay the sealcoating operation. Never apply a sealcoat when temperatures are below 50 degrees. At least 2 coats should be applied if one wants to get satisfying results.

The sealcoat should be let to cure for a minimum of 1 day before the pavement can be used again. As a general rule, sealcoating is applied every 2-3 years to prolong the life of the pavement.

Every 2 years,ensure that you re-mark the stripe lines on your parking lot. Always confirm that your parking lot is ADA(Americans with Disabilities Act)compliant before doing the lot marking. Applying the sealcoat correctly at the right time and doing crack sealing as soon as cracks appear as well as keeping striping lines clearly marked on your parking lot or pavement will ensure they are maintained well and will look beautiful for years to come.